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Try it out at a Studio near you!

Ceramic Cafes, sometimes known as Contemporary or Alternative   Studios, are cafes with a real difference. They provide the opportunity for customers to have a go at painting their own ceramics with refreshments on hand.  This innovative concept offers young and old alike a creative and social approach to spending some time relaxing in an attractive and fun environment.

Frequented by people of all ages, from business executives to busy shoppers, Ceramic Cafes are already established in the States as the "in" way to unwind and have even become fashionable with many celebrities who favour the delights of "paint it yourself" pottery to the usual wine bars and restaurants. 


Customers are invited to select and then decorate a ready made blank piece of pottery (known as bisque).  Prices vary according to the size or complexity of the piece.  The customer is then encouraged by the studio staff to exercise complete artistic freedom and a fun approach to the decoration of their chosen pottery blank.  Lots of ideas and reference material are on hand for inspiration.  Anyone can create an exciting, colourful piece of ceramics and the possibilities are endless.  A single vase or mug may be selected and customers frequently make repeat visits to the cafe, for example, to complete a whole dinner service.

All the necessary materials and equipment, bisque, colours, brushes, sponges, stencils etc. are available at the studio.

After completing their design the customer can enjoy a drink or snack in the relaxing atmosphere, leaving their creation with the studio staff to apply a clear glaze and then fire the piece in a kiln.  During the kiln firing, the magical transformation takes place and  when, within a day or two, the customer returns to collect their masterpiece, they are presented with their shiny piece of true ceramics, be it decorative or functional.

Many cafes offer a gift wrapping and delivery service for the finished ware.

Whilst individuals of all ages are catered for, celebration parties, such as children's parties, hen parties etc. are also welcomed by prior appointment.


Here in the U.K. the tremendous potential has been quickly identified by business people and new Ceramic Cafes are multiplying rapidly, from London's trendy Fulham Road, to tourist areas such as the Lake District.  Once a Ceramic Cafe has become established, the returns are significant as there are excellent profit margins and the potential to attract a huge customer base.


The Premises:-

It is crucial that the cafe should be in the right location.  Ideally this should be in an up-market, densely populated area with plenty of passing trade.

The decor should be stylish yet functional.  Attractive, practical lighting, enticing snacks and even soft music, may add to the setting. 

The Ceramic Requirements:-

Cromartie Hobbycraft Limited can help with all the  requirements of the ceramics side of running a ceramic cafe. 

The essentials:-

A selection of bright non-toxic Underglaze Colours:-

Cromartie Hobbycraft Limited is the only authorised U.K. distributor for the foremost U.S. colour manufacturers; Duncan and Gare.

Clear Glaze:-

Cromartie Hobbycraft  supply brush-on clear glazes and dipping clear glazes for easy application.


Cromartie Hobbycraft brushes are manufactured to the highest standards and offer a wide choice at competitive prices.


Cromartie Kilns Limited have been designing and manufacturing quality kilns for half a century.  We also offer excellent technical training, backup, spare parts and servicing. A reliable kiln is essential to a successful business.


Cromartie Hobbycraft stock the well proven BISQUEFIRE range. N.B. It is essential to use only recommended bisque, or technical problems may arise.

Miscellaneous studio equipment:-

Cromartie Hobbycraft also supply sundry items.  Ask for our catalogues.


Cromartie Hobbycraft offer comprehensive training courses at our on-site Ceramic Cafe for prospective Ceramic Cafe proprietors or for people looking to swap over their colour line to either Duncan or Gare. We can also send one of our fully qualified teaching staff to train staff wherever the premises are situated.



Contact Information

0044 (0) 1782 313947 / 319435
0044 (0) 1782 599723
Postal address
CROMARTIE Cromartie House, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England. ST3 5AY

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Last modified: May 11, 2006